#3 Hello Kitty Imposter

Everyone knows my undying love for Hello Kitty so I get all kinds of Hello Kitty presents from people…I love it! Well my coworker comes back from Japan and our conversation goes something like this:

me: how was japan?

CW: it was awesome! I got you something! I got you a Hello Kitty Figurine.

me: wow! how nice of you! (opening box)

CW: uh…but now that I see that Hello Kitty pillow on your chair…I don’t think I got the right thing…

me: oh gosh…you probably did

me: opened box. can you guess which one is the imposter?


I thought it was pretty funny because he’s a guy’s guy and hates Hello Kitty with a passion. I’m thankful that he tried though and brought me back a cute Hello Kitty imposter.

Here’s another case of a Hello Kitty imposter:


Can you tell the difference?

This one is not as obvious but I think most people can tell. This Hello Kitty is from New York and came from my brother and his gal pal. I love it. I don’t care if I get imposter Hello Kitties…I love them all and enjoy that they come from all over the world. Even though it doesnt have Sanrio stamped on the butt…I still consider them authentic.


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