#4 Weekend Roundup – Fires..yikes!

It’s been mayhem in Brea all weekend.  Brea’s finest are working their butts off this weekend trying to contain the bohemoth and have been doing a heroic job! Bravo & thank you!   I’m so proud to work with these guys on a daily basis (office stuff mostly) but I don’t ever thank them for doing their job.  I’ll be sure to on Monday.

Here was our view on Saturday while attempting to walk the dog…the air is utterly nasty so our walk lasted about 10 mintues…time for our SARS masks.  This was early in the day so the clouds were still blue.


On the news I heard that people were looting some evacuated houses in Porter Ranch.  Our wedding photographer, who flew in for another LA shoot from Seattle (post to come), told us that the rain is crazy in Seattle and there have been flash floods carrying away houses.  Insane…fires…floods…aggressors…”change.” Hearing about all the mayhem and disasters made me think of this verse: Mark 13:7. Look it up.  It is a’coming or we’re just about there.   In addition, the sun was red last night. Aye!

On a lighter note, we also walked by this sign which cracked us up…brea citizens breaking the  law…how could they? The sign says…NO CARTS! hahaha…



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