#5 Weekend Roundup – I heart presents!

Our fabulous wedding photographers, Yvonne Wong Photography, were in town this weekend for an LA shoot. They wanted to meet up with us and they said they came bearing presents! I was super excited! We met them by LAX (where they were staying) at this yummy crepe place, KC’s Crepe Cafe. Mike ordered the sweet chili chicken crepe and I had the creamy spicy chicken pizza crepe. We both had a duet drink (milk tea and espresso)…yum! They were delectable. Here’s what they brought us:


It came wrapped up in a cute white box with signature pink YWP tissue! We also got another wedding present from The Lilley’s and The Crabtrees! It was one of the most practical yet creative gifts we’ve ever gotten and the packaging was just too cute!


img_00731I’ve tried everything to rotate these pictures and for the life of me…it won’t work. Oh well, but check out this gift! It’s an ice cream maker attachment for my awesome kitchen aid mixer, ice cream fixins’ , a Ben & Jerry’s recipe book, yummy pastel bowls, and the final and most creative touch…IMO…a pampered chef ice cream sandwich maker! How can you not love a gift like this?


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