#16 toy camera

i love the look of old film so i covet images that are vintagey, grainy, or cross processed. im not really good at carrying a camera all the time let alone big ones like the holga or diana. enter iphone. i. love. my. phone. what other handheld gadget can you read tons of books, decorate sticker pictures, watch you tube videos, monitor aunt flo’s visit, listen to ALL my music (that’s right all 30+gigs of it, play a puzzle sushi game, plan tonight’s dinner, read blogs, and capture these lovelies:






of course my subjects were of pups & kids, they’re just to cute to resist.  took these with the toy camera app and the quadcamera app.  they’re so fun to play with!


One thought on “#16 toy camera

  1. finally some updates to your blog! love the pics, can you send me the olie pics? i’ll have to DL these apps–so cool!

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