#22 OMG, i’m a 29 year old tween

ever  since i read the twilight series (which i only give 3 stars to) i have been addicted to reading tween books.  i don’t know what’s wrong with me.  i think its because after i read heart heavy books like my sister’s keeper, the white tiger, and a thousand splendid suns i need something that doesn’t make me want to cry, be angry at the government, or really engage my brain too much. enter the tween/young adult category.  i guess they’re more like guilty pleasures like harlequin novels.

ps. why do tween books have so many sequels?

pss. i’m not into harry potter but am now reading that too. aye.

ppss. twilight? 3 stars? blasphemy? YES! other than the shapeshifters & the int’l vamps….it ain’t that good.  gimme a real vamp love story. enter underworld.

the uglies series

(i love this series and i think there are some good themes in it to challenge adult thinking, its like 1984 for tweens)



pretty little liars series (total guilty pleasure, i think very similar to gossip girl (which i will probably read next, haha) with a murderous twist.  when you think you’ve got it all figured out, along comes another book.)


hunger games (my next read)



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