#23 dinner

it’s been awhile since i’ve blogged about my cooking adventures.  both of these recipes are totally blog worthy. my edits in pink. CHICKEN ENCHILADAS (source: what’s cooking in the orange kitchen) verdict: SO TABLE POUNDING GOOD! Filling: 1-2 tbsp vegetable oil 1 pound lean ground meat (beef, turkey or chicken will all work) 2 chicken […]

#19 textile frustration.

i need a rug. who knew they could be so expensive not to mention i’m indecisive. too. many. choices. another dilemma is i have a bulldoggy dog who sheds his white hair like crazy…meaning…dark rugs = lots of maintenance. aye. suggestions? send them my way. design republic (there tons more $$$ beauties on that site) […]

#18 fairytale superpost

there’s been so many amazing disney/fairytale images floating around blogland that are must shares. Set #1 is a project called fallen princesses shot by vancouver photographer dina goldstein. the project portrays our favorite fairytale princess in current event situations. the concept is pure. genious. Set #2  – Tim Burton’s rendition of the movie Alice in […]

#16 toy camera

i love the look of old film so i covet images that are vintagey, grainy, or cross processed. im not really good at carrying a camera all the time let alone big ones like the holga or diana. enter iphone. i. love. my. phone. what other handheld gadget can you read tons of books, decorate […]